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Afterlight - Elle Jasper One of my favorite finds of the year. Riley Poe is a strong female character with a dark, wild-child past that informs all of her actions. And yes, occaisionally her insistence that she's survived those days so she can survive anything can get annoying. At least it's a believable character flaw that fits her personality. Also, she usually admits when she's wrong and misjudged her ability to handle a situation. Hopefully in future books, she'll grow away from this habit. Since she's taken over raising her brother for a number of years, there are some cases where her leap before looking attitude will probably never change. Any "mother" seeing their child in danger, from himself or others, would likely do the same; it's instinct. The Gullah religion and Dupre family were both interesting and I look forward to learning more about them. Overall, an almost perfect read and I will definitely be buying book number two when it comes out in June.