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It Happened One Autumn - Lisa Kleypas I liked this book despite its flaws. And there were some doozies. It's a testament to Kleypas' writing skills that I found the book humorous and engaging despite the fact that I had trouble liking Lillian. She was rude, selfish to the point of putting herself in danger and in general, a brat. On the plus side, with her mother's behavior as a mirror to her own, Lillian managed to do a lot of growing up.

Marcus' overly staid behavior could have been detrimental, but it was sufficiently explained and I ended up liking him quite a bit. BUT the one time Marcus slipped, his actions seemed morally reprehensible to me and none of the characters acknowledged this fact.

Finally, I was very disappointed with actions taken by St. Vincent toward the end of the book. Admittedly I tend to like the bad boys more (in written works), but he was one of my favorite secondary characters. There was a line that he could have gotten close to in taking advantage of a situation and we would still have had the perfect setup for the heroic save. Unfortunately, Kleypas chose to have St. Vincent cross that line from merely spur-of-the-moment bad decision making over into deliberately cruel, hurting people that he seemed to genuinely like. I’m definitely planning on reading the third Wallflower installment and can only hope I’m satisfied with further explanations and redeeming behaviors.

In spite of these flaws, I had to give the book 4 stars. Kleypas is an extremely skilled writer and I just enjoyed the book that much.