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Me and My Shadow  - Katie MacAlister Three words I never thought I would say: Too. Much. Jim.

Usually I find Jim's contributions highly entertaining, amusing in that I-know-I-shouldn't-laugh-but kind of way. He says the sort of things you may think, but quickly get edited by your inner censor before making it to your mouth. But this time around he was just ... annoying. The action was moving, the conversation was flowing or the information was being supplied and here comes Jim, interupting again. It was almost as if KM needed filler and thought everybody loves Jim, let's throw him in this scene with his obligitory joke/crude comment/whatever. May and Gabriel's plot arc came to a conclusion, but I feel kind of cheated out of a complete story; Less Jim = more interactions between May and Gabriel.

Why 3 stars? Because it wasn't all bad. The plotting itself was well thought out and while the ending sets us up for the next series, this arc had a satisfactory conclusion. And maybe a little bit of sentiment played into it as well. Maybe.