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Undead and Unfinished  - MaryJanice Davidson 2 stars, 3 stars, 2 stars, 3 stars. I'm on the fence. The first third of the book moved very slowly. The middle picked up speed, but seemed to be going nowhere. And the last 1/4 was just plain depressing. It was so depressing that I went to the author's website just to make sure there would be another book to fix all the things that ended wrong in this one. Thankfully it seems MJD has a plan, so I ended up leaning toward 3 stars. But then, that's one of the major problems with Undead and Unfinished; it seems it's main purpose as a book is to get you from point A (book 8) to point B (book 10). I changed my mind, I'm going to have to revise this down to 2 stars.