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Night's Cold Kiss - Tracey O'Hara The mythology of O'Hara's world confused me. It confused me a lot. I don't know if she was attempting a slow discovery process, but it didn't work. We have CHaPR, The Department, The Guild, The Council. What are they? How are they related? Who is a member of each? I still wasn't sure when I reached the end of the book. Then I found the glossary at the back and boy, I wished I'd known it was there. It did a better job of explaining things than the narrative did.

As for Antoinette and Christian's relationship, it was resolved way to quickly. Antoinette went from hatred to sex in 0.5 seconds. Okay, admittedly, the first time can be justifiably explained by other events. But not the subsequent times, especially given her reaction to a later event proves she hasn't totally lost her prejudice against the Aeturnus.