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Heart of Stone - C.E. Murphy A lot of UF features a strong female protaganist who can fight with magic, swords, teeth and occaisionly claws. Heart of Stone is different. Margrit Knight's strength lies not in the physical or magical, but the mental. As a lawyer with Legal Aide, she's learned the value of determination, stubborness and negotiating. Suddenly thrust into a world with Gargolyes, Dragons, Djinn, Selkies and Vampires, Margrit's heritage and experience give her an interesting perspective in dealing with the five Old Races. To her, they are not monsters. Fiercly opposed to racism of any kind, she views them as people, not human, but still people who are no worse than those she deals with every day on the job. Negotiating with the Old Races is just a matter of figuring out their motivations. I really enjoyed reading this and will be finishing the rest of the trilogy soon.