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House of Cards - C.E. Murphy 3.5 - 4 stars.

Although I didn't enjoy this quite as much as the first book, it was still a pretty fun read. I'm fascinated with the bits and pieces of history being revealed about Janx and Daisani. Competing against each other, tbey still regard each other with certain kind of respect and seem to have had a closer relationship in the past. Frenemies! LOL. Alban's determination to not involve Margrit in Old Race dealings came way to late, Janx and Daisani were just as determined to keep her involved. Frankly, Alban was upstaged by Janx and Daisani. Also, I'm not quite feeling the attraction between Alban and Magrit, but I am willing to see if it grows on me in the final book.

There are still 2 dangling threads from the first book that have been bothering me and I really hope they are resolved in the last book of the trilogy. 1. What exactly did Huo put in Margrit's tea the first time they met? At the time, her intentions did not seem to bode well for Margrit. If it was a type of poison, controlling drug, etc, did Daisani's blood eradicate any negative effects it might have? 2. Why would Grace O'Malley consider Alban an enemy? She was on Janx's list. And when Margrit accused him of misleading her, Janx told her to dig deeper. She never did and, with Alban daylighting in Grace's lair, you'd think it would be a concern. In House we learn that either Janx or Daisani might have a half-human child, maybe Grace will a descendant? With the revelations about something big happening that Alben is hiding, I'm hoping it will all get tied up in a neat package in book 3.