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Hands of Flame - C.E. Murphy Great wrap up for the trilogy. There were a few questions I would have liked answers to, but the major story arc came to a satisfactory conclusion. Margrit's attempts to negotiate between the Old Races leads her farther away from her old life and deeper into danger, endangering her life on more than one occasion. I loved the sly Buffy reference when Margrit said she wanted her future tombstone to read She changed the world. A lot. One of Margrit's most admirable traits is her drive to make the world a better place. Regardless of whether anyone knows what she has accomplished, she just wants to fix the problems in the world. Unfortunately, this is also one of her biggest failings. Margrit doesn't always stop to consider the reasons behind the laws the Old Races live by and initially creates havoc. The war between Janx and Daisani in addition to the Djinn, Selkies and humans fighting over Janx's territory provides plenty of action. While the Walker Papers is my favorite Murphy world, I'm hoping to see more stories from this one in the future.