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First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones 4.5 stars. There's a fine line between sarcastic/snarky funny and sarcastic/snarky annoying. For the most part, Darynda Jones stays on the right side of that line. There were only a couple instances where Charley Davidson's inner dialogue and conversations with other people crossed over to the other side, well not the other side. This book isn't meant to be anything except a fun, light-hearted read and that's exactly what Jones delivers. The murder of three law firm partners as well as the case they were working on is investigated lightly. There was another minor concern that struck me halfway through the book, every single female was enthralled by the beauty of Reyes. However, this was explained to my satisfaction at the end of the book when we find out who he is. You would expect the son of Satan, one of God's most beautiful angels before his fall, to also be charismatically beautiful. Overall, I loved this book and I will definitely be reading the next. In fact, the book I read was borrowed from the library and I'm seriously considering buying it for my keeper shelf.