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Secrets of the Demon - Diana Rowland 4.5 stars. I'm hovering somewhere between "I really liked it" and "It was amazing".

Why I really liked it:
A. The world Rowland has created is interesting. She reveals just enough to keep me guessing about the motivations (and real identities) of certain characters, the origin of summoners and others who manipulate potency, exactly what happened to Kara and her Aunt when they were gone and how will this continue to affect them in the future. Every hint or answer Rowland gives just opens up another question.
B. Kara's struggle to maintain a balance between summoning and her job with the police department creates tension. Some people know about her abilities, a lot of other people think she's just weird. LOL.

What kept it from being amazing:
1. It seemed a little light on the summoning end this time around. There were supernatural elements, but somehow they didn't carry as much weight as in the previous 2 books. IMO.
2. Kara's wavering about her relationship(s). Love triangles are so prevalent in UF now, it's getting old and there are other ways to create romantic tension. I don't really feel/understand her attraction to one of the "men" in her life, anyway. I haven't from the start. Additionally, Kara comes perilously close to a dog-in-the-manger attitude in this book.

Overall, it was a great read and I'll definitely be back for more. Tessa had some of the best lines and I can't wait to see what deeper meanings might be implied by explanations of the portal in her library. Paraphrasing Tessa: "Demons are not always demonic. The demonic are not always demons."