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Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here - Christine Warren For those that have read the Ellora's Cave series The Others is based on, this book isn't really an expansion of Faer Fetched (Fantasy Fix #3). Rather, it's a total rewrite. The story features Danice, a lawyer, and Mac, a half-Fae Changeling. That's about where the similarities end. :D

Entertaining read despite a few problems. Nothing spectacular here and not really anything that adds to overall The Other universe. (Except maybe a curse cast on another character at the end of the book.) I didn't quite get the relationship between Mac and Danice; something was missing and it felt more like a friendship than a passionate romance. When I found myself wanting to skim through the sex scenes to pick out the conversation, I knew something wasn't working. Additionally, for a hot-shot attorney, Danice sure doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut. There were a few times I really had to question her intelligence; she was walking into a dangerous situation, not knowing the power or strengths of the Fae involved, and she got smart with them. I'm supposed to believe she's able to hold her own in a courtroom or negotiations? But, those were the main problems and for the most part I enjoyed the book.