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I Am Not A Serial Killer - Dan Wells Much darker and more graphic than I expected a young adult/teen book to be, I still enjoyed I Am Not A Serial Killer. It's almost impossible not to draw comparisons between John Wayne Cleaver and Dexter. Both are atypical heroes, sociopaths with no understanding of emotion and determination to protect the "innocent" from themselves. Dexter has his Dark Passenger. John has his Monster behind a wall, a wall built out of rules to combat his own sociapathic inclinations and which he struggles to maintain constantly. Dexter was taught The Code of Harry by his foster father, but John has had to reasearch what constitutes bad behavior and formulate rules for himself. A big difference lies in John's unwillingness to kill at all. Afraid that letting his monster out from behind the wall to kill would totally unleash it, John struggles with what to do when a demon begins killing residents of his home town and it seems he is the only person capable of stopping it. The demonic aspect of the killer, the only fantasy element in the book, seems almost secondary and unnecessary until you take into consideration that this is exactly the impetus needed for John to overcome his reluctance to deal with the killer. Regular methods won't stop the demon and nobody is going to believe the truth, so John has to deal with the situation on his own. John, just starting high school, hasn't yet learned the surface charm typical of a sociopath, but I find myself liking him despite myself. He's terrifying and I wouldn't want to draw his attention in real life, but I still found myself hoping he would come through everything okay. I will definitely read the next book in this series.