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Magic Slays -  Ilona Andrews 5 gold stars! I absolutely loved this book. (Well a little lot more Curran would have been even better.) Kate's insecurities over personal relationships are valid and even though Curran has managed to slip past her defenses, they haven't magically disappeared. Kate has to confront some of those fears and we see more growth in Kate and Curran's relationship as a result.

At the same time, they must deal with a major threat to the magical community. What I liked about this was how non-frustrating Kate's investigation was to me the reader. A lot of author's will present different threads that are so obviously tied together, you end up irritated as the hero/ine stumbles around working it as 2-3 separate cases. Happily, we were spared that annoyance and the pace moved along nicely.

Learning more about Kate's past was just icing on the cake and I'm already anxiously anticipating the next book.