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Nightfall - Ellen Connor The cover and title (book & series) made me check out the blurb. The blurb intrigued me enough that I bought the book strictly on it's strength. When the book arrived, having no idea that Ann Aguirre was one of the co-authors and wanting to get a hint as to whether or not I made a smart purchase, I picked it up just peek at the first few pages. A few hours later I was still "peeking" and didn't manage to put it down until I finished reading the whole book.

Mason is not your typical hero. He kidnaps Jenna in the first few pages because of a promise he made to her father. With the world falling apart, Mason has no reason to help other survivors and is annoyed when Jenna forces him to take them in. Through a lot of the book, he only does what most would consider the "right thing" because of Jenna's insistence. This makes for a rough relationship and a few less than admirable moves on Jenna's part contribute to misunderstandings.

This is a dark book, there are no guarantees that everyone will survive and some of the decisions made are gut wrenchingly hard on characters and readers alike. Some of my favorite books instill a sense of melancholy in me. I'm happy to achieve a conclusion to the story arc, yet at the same time I'm sad to be leaving the characters behind. I want more. That's how I felt when I finished this book and for that reason I'm giving this a 5 star rating instead of the 4 star one I started out with.