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The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss I really loved this book. My one big fear is since it took 4 years for book 2, how long until the third book will come out?

The framework to the story is an interesting addition. Set outside the main arc, it gives a glimpse at a grim world at war, supplies are getting scarcer in the outer areas and it's no longer safe to travel alone at night. Kvothe is a legendary figure, so it's to be expected that the tales and stories have been distorted and have different variations. When we get into the main part of the narrative, Kvothe's broad statement on his achievements is an aknowledgment of his notoriety/infamy. As he moves throught the events that shaped his life, Kvothe seems to be telling us he didn't set out to do great things, great things just happened to him. Much of the time he is only reacting, his quick thinking giving him an advantage in these situations.

This is definitely only the first part of the story, so don't go into this expecting a clear cut culmination to the tale.