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The Lies That Bind - Kate Carlisle Okay, I'm extremely happy that more bookbinding information made it into this book. It was scarce enough in If Books Could Kill that I really missed it. That was one of the most interesting things about this book.

Unfortunately, the rest of the book didn't quite live up to the first two. The cutesy, we-can-never-get-a-moment-alone problems of Derek and Brooklyn were just that, cutesy. It quickly lost any charm or humor, becoming a tired joke instead.

A lot of new characters were thrown at us, while established ones were ignored. Almost all of Brooklyn's bookbinding class was introduced early on with key players making repeated appearances. Mitchell, a sterotypical military man, plays his body discovery part and then fades away. I'm not quite sure why we were introduced to Brooklyn's new neighbors. They were interesting, but after a few brief lines they were never seen again. On the other hand, there was not nearly enough of Rebecca Wainwright (her mom) or Annie (Abraham's daughter).

I did enjoy reading the book, I just think the first two were better. I'm still planning on continuing the series.