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Primal - Lora Leigh, Michelle Rowen, Jory Strong, Ava Gray Ava Gray's "Skin and Bones" was well done, continuing the tone of her skin series. We find out what happened to Silas after the events of book 2 and I enjoyed his story. I was also intrigued by Mockingbird and his network. I'll definitely be continuing this series.

Lora Leigh's story went pretty much as expected. Since I'd already read Navarro's promise, I knew about the major event that happens at the end of the story. It was still a good solid read.

Jory Strong. What can I say? The story was okay. I'm fascinated by the mythology of the world she has created, but somehow the individual story line was missing that little something that would push this into spectacular. At this point, I'm going to stick with the series because I really want to learn what the Djinn's long game is.

Michelle Rowan's "Bleeding Heart" was interesting. I'm not sure whether I'll go on to read anymore Nightshade books or not.