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Black Ice - Anne Stuart This book has all the elements of some of my favorite action/thriller movies:

World-weary cynic ready to be "retired" after years of living under various identities. Check.
Naively innocent American stumbles in with no understanding of the situation. Check.
Little difference between the bad guys and good guys running things. Check.
Plot just a little out there, edging of unbelievable. Check.
Cynic saves naif against better judgement and quickly comes to value her life. Double check.

Bastien's view, as dictated by the committee, has always been with and eye on the overall picture. Individual lives in the present cannot matter when thousands can be saved in the long run. He's as surprised as anyone when Chloe's life is endangered and he chooses to save her. Neither quite knows how to handle the new situation, but their relationship continues to interfere with Bastien's job. His final choice really comes as no surprise, but the journey there is interesting.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and will definitely be picking up the next Ice book.