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Ravenous - Sharon Ashwood I enjoyed this introduction into Ashwood's world. There were some very intriguing concepts and I can see lots of possibilities for future books.

Holly's difficulty and pain in using big-M magic becomes a major liability when she has to deal with a quasi-sentient house that has gone bad. This was one of the better "haunted" houses I've read about and I kind of wish we'd seen a little more of it. Once the situation has been dealt with, we learn that there are still major problems to deal with in Fairview. Someone's attempts to summon a demon have opened portals that allow other nasties through and Holly once again has to find a way to manage her liability. Alessandro wasn't really unique as vampires go, but his personality and conflicted feelings about Holly made him interesting. I'm definitely going to continue reading, I can't wait to find out more about the Castle and Mac.