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Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison I loved this book. I mean really loved. It drew me in right away. Even when RL was unfortunately getting in the way of reading, all I could think about was how soon I could get back to this book. LOL.

There were so many things I loved, where do I start?

First, the world building. Fantastic. Harrison created a rich world for us to explore and it was presented in an enjoyable, non-confusing way. The varied Elder races are ripe with many possibilities and I'm hoping we get to explore them all.

Harrison excelled at characterization for the most part. Dragos and Pia both had complex personalities that at first wouldn't seem to mesh. But then, somehow, they did and it wasn't in an unbelievable way. It might seem that Pia gave more in the relationship, but that fits exactly with her nature. And while Dragos' dominant personality made it more difficult for him to give, he did learn to bend. His developing humor was a surprise to everyone, maybe him most of all. Harrison didn't stint on secondary characters either. The Wyr and other members of Dragos' obviously received more attention, but their were enough interesting tidbits about some of the other races to leave me intrigued.

If she fell short anywhere it was in portraying the bad guys. The Goblins were described as a collective, interchangeable really, and Urien was sketchy at best. Supposedly one of the big evils behind events, we barely met him and the final battle scene was anti-climactic. For all the build-up he was rather easily defeated when it came down to it.

One more problem, what happened to Quentin. We met him in the beginning and I kept hoping Pia would meet back up with him at some point. I'm definitely hoping to see him in a future book.

Neither of these issues mattered enough to lower my rating. I loved it that much.

If any book comes with a glowing recommendation, this one does. You must read this book!