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Storm's Heart - Thea Harrison This is a fantastic follow up to Dragon Bound, even if it's not quite at the same level.

The beginning was a little slow for me, Niniane's character didn't quite mesh with the view of her I received in the first book. The more I read and settled into the story, the more things picked up and I grew to understand Niniane better. Betrayed at a young age and running for her life, she found shelter with the Wyr. Knowing her physical and magical strength left her at a disadvantage, they taught her to fight with any means at her disposal. That and her innate people skills are her biggest assetts on her return to Dark Fae lands. She has understandable trust issues, but is willing to open herself up to people anyway.

After another attempt on her life, Tiago's first impulse is to pack Niniane up and return her to Wyr safety, yet he understands her need to return to the Dark Fae territory and gives her full backing. Despite the few stormy outbreaks in the story, I would have still liked to have seen more of his Thunderbird aspect.

Once again, Harrison has written a wonderful paranormal romance and I can't wait for Rune's story and a chance to learn more about this world.