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Black Magic Woman - Christine Warren 2 stars. Maybe, just maybe, it reaches 2.5. Still waffling on that.

The best thing about this book? I didn't spend my money on it, I borrowed it from the library.

I know I'm being harsh, but this is the latest in a series of disappointing reads from Warren. I really enjoyed the original Fantasy Fix stories for Ellora's cave. And the initial transfer of the series to mainstream fiction seemed to be going well. Walk on the Wild Side is still one of my favorites. But I found Daphanie just as TSTL as her sister Danice, if not worse. She's just been introduced to the Others. Knowing that vampires, werewolves and even imps exist, she mouths off to a seemingly pompous wind-bag of a witch doctor without considering the consequenses. Sure he was in the wrong and too full of himself. BUT, Daphanie had no idea of his potential power. Use those supposed brains, girl. Then, instead of being grateful that a magical Guardian shows up and is willing to protect her from any repurcussions, she resents his presence and sulks about his intruding on her space. The moment that crossed the line for me? Asher's apology for guarding her. ARGHH! Other than his inconceivable attraction for Daphanie, I loved Asher as a character. I think, in my mind, I'm going to hook him up with someone else, he deserves it. LOL.

The other thing that bothered me, were the inconsistencies.
Here's one example.
Pg. 175 Corinne and Daphanie are speaking:
"You're kidding me right? Manon Henri? I told you about her days ago."
"No you didn't"
"Yes I did," Corinne insisted. "When I gave you what I found on D'abo. ... [cut text] ... That's where you got her name, right?
... [cut text] ...
"Then where did you hear her name?"

Pg. 239 Corinne converses with Asher and the rest of the gang:
"So she asked me to find out what I could about a woman named Manon Henri."
Daphne could feel the others frowning.
"Manon Henri?" Graham repeated. "Where did Daphanie pull that one from?"
"Trust me, I asked her the same question, but for an entirely different reason. I'd already come across the name when I was trying to get Daph some info on D'Abo."
... [cut text] ...
"The thing was, I'd never mentioned the name to Daphanie, so I was surprised as hell to hear her spitting it back at me and asking me to find out more."

Another example from the exact same conversations:
Pg. 175 Corinne and Daphanie's conversation continued:
"In my dreams."
Corinne swore, "Don't f**k with me Daph. You'd have to have some kind of psychic thing going on to know something like that from a dream."
... [cut text] ...
"I know it's asking a lot, but it's ..." She sighed. "I can't tell you why, but I just have a feeling that for some reason she's important to what's going on."

Pg. 239 Back to Corinne's conversation with the Others:
"When I asked her why, she explained that in the dreams she'd been having, she was convinced ... [cut text] ... It really freaked her out, so I told her I'd find out what I could."

That's just two examples, glaringly obvious ones at that. I can't believe someone didn't catch these in the editing process.

I really wanted to read the rewrite of Rafe's story, but now I'm just scared to.