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Hunting Julian - Jacquelyn Frank 2.5 stars.

My biggest problem: There was just somethimg I didn't like about either of the main characters. Julian kidnapped Asia and expected her to acclimate immediately. He tells her there is no possibility of her returning to her old life and then calls her selfish for wanting that life back. Yes, his world and people are dying and most Chosen are given a choice, even if that choice is heavily influenced by Julian, but that doesn't make what he is doing right. I would have liked him more if he had seemed to at least suffer a little guilt over the choice he was forcing on Asia. I found Asia a little too disconnected from her emotions and had trouble relating to her.

On the other hand, the world building was at least interesting and the secondary characters were intriguing.

At this point, I don't know if I'll continue with this particular series or not.