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Deadly Descendant - Jenna Black It was incredibly easy to slip back into Black's world and for the most part the story moved along well. The mystery element was a little light, but the plot kept me involved enough that I didn't mind.

Note: Liberi are descendants of gods from various pantheons. Olympians are elitist and purists; only descendants of Greek gods are worthy of living and basically humans should worship/serve Olympians. Very little time has passed since the opening pages of the first book, so Nikki is still adjusting to major changes in her lifestyle. In Dark Descendant, Nikki was maneuvered into immortality by a member of the Liberi and discovered that as a rare descendant of Artemis she has valuable hunting skills.

In book two, Nikki is uncomfortable living under Liberi protection, but knows it's the only way to protect her family from the Olympians. I don't think the setting was used to the fullest advantage though and would have loved more interaction with all the members of the household. I enjoyed learning more about Jamaal, a descendant of Kali, but I think I would be happier with slower relationship growth on that front. The transference of anger into passion is understandable. However, a gradual transformation into solid friendship and then exploration of those feelings would suit me more. Nikki's uneasiness around Anderson and the tension centered around Emma were interesting, but I still feel there's much more character development that was left unexplored.

Nikki's past has made her tough and a little untrusting, but it's also made her strong and self-reliant. She doesn't wait around for someone to rescue her, instead she investigates the best plan and takes action. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing her skills as a "huntress" develop even more.

Overall, I really enjoyed Deadly Descendant and will definitely be continuing this series.