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The Deadliest Bite (Jaz Parks) - Jennifer Rardin With various story arcs from the previous 7 books still in play, I wasn’t sure how Rardin was going to bring closure to the series. Warning: Spoilers for previous books in the series. Jaz and Brude are at stalemate. He still plans to take over The Thin and remake it into hell. She still has his spirit trapped behind locked doors in her mind. Vayl’s still searching for the resurrected souls of his murdered sons. Jaz and Vayl both want vengeance for Pete’s (Jaz and Vayl’s CIA boss) murder. Cole’s been remade part demon and his soul is still tainted due to Kyphas’ actions. As the book progressed you could see the various threads coming together and by the end of The Deadliest Bite I had my answers. Rardin even gave us a chance to check in on the whole gang before the book concluded. Reading was bittersweet, though. The knowledge this is Rardin’s final book was constantly present in the back of my mind and I knew once I turned that final page it would really be over.

Rardin’s characters are so interesting. Jaz’s sarcastic attitude and internal voices may not appeal to everyone, but she usually manages to get more than a few laughs out of me. I love that her relationship with Vayl has only grown stronger as the series progressed. We don’t have to worry about their commitment to each other. The tension comes from wondering whether they’ll actually both survive to have a future together. Bergman continues to come out of his geeky shell and become more involved in actual fighting. Cole’s playful sense of humor is balanced by the seriousness of his problem. Even the pets have a personality. Jack the dog is lovable and Astral the robokitty is fantastic.

Overall, a wonderful end to the series.