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Claimed By Shadow - Karen Chance I had fun reading this book. Cassie is avoiding claiming the power of Pythia, while almost everyone wants her use her powers to their benefit and the rest are trying to kill her. The action felt non-stop, with Cassie jumping from one dangerous situation to the next. I also think Karen Chance has created a very interesting world and cast of characters. There were only a few things that bothered me about the story.

First, I know Cassie doesn't want to be Pythia, viewed as a pawn in the war between different para-factions. But, more than once she acknowledges that the other choices for Pythia can't be trusted. Also, not claiming the power isn't lengthening her life or making her safer since it won't go to anyone else until she's dead. It reached the point that I thought Cassie was needlessly endangering her life in order to assert control and deny the power.

Secondly, Pritkin. Okay, he's been lied to by the Circle about Cassie. And, her upbringing might cause someone who didn't know her to question her morals. But I still have a hard time believing someone who's survived as long as he apparently has and reached his position with the Circle would be so quick to jump to wrong conclusions (constantly) and ignore/forget any evidence to the contrary. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a comment on his likeability. I just think it creates an unrealistic sense of gullibility in Pritkin's character.

Overall I enjoyed the book and I'll definitely be reading book 3.