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Deadlocked - Charlaine Harris 2.5 stars

After the transitional nature of the last book, I was really hoping for a return of the series I've loved over the years. Instead, there were a lot of things missing from this book.

Eric, Pam and the rest of the Fangtasia gang: Other than a few obligatory appearances, they were all pretty much no-shows. Eric is such a dynamic character, ruthless and willing to take any action to save or further the interests of those he considers "his". Eric's absence and the reasons behind it make him look weak and are out of character. Would the Eric we know and love, the real Eric, have been relying on Sookie to pull him out of the fire or would he have multiple schemes in action to take care of matters himself whether he could maneuver Sookie into doing what he wanted or not.

Sam: He was had one giant key scene at the end of the book, but otherwise Sam's interactions with Sookie were pretty lackluster. Other than that one moment, his part seemed only important in pushing forward someone else's plot.

Action, suspense and a steady pace: Small bursts of exciting action spaced between long segments of lazy day enjoyment on Sookie's part. Okay, maybe, just maybe it wasn't that bad. ... Maybe.

Any sort of mystery: I knew who was responsible. I may not have known exactly why one one person's part, but for me the whodunnit left a lot to be desired.

Overall, the story hovered between ok and likeable, hence the 2.5 rating. It seemed to be more about pushing elements into a desired position for the final book than having people act true to character and interact normally.