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Late Eclipses - Seanan McGuire Tybalt's small role in Book 3, An Artificial Night, was a major drawback for me, so I was definitely happy to see more of the Cait Sidhe King in this book. What didn't make me happy was the love triangle possibilities surrounding Toby, Tybalt and Connor. Toby may have had a relationship with Connor in the past, but I don't really feel the connection between them in the here and now.

Toby's friends are being poisoned and her life is on the line; she must prove who the real culprit is before she's condemned for the crime herself. Toby's investigation once again leads her to separate herself from Tybalt, Quentin, etc in order to protect them and others. However, unlike in the last book, I don't find it as jarring. This time, her journey doesn't come across as a solitary one.

Hints about Toby's family have been revealed throughout the first 3 books and in the latest one, Tybalt came right out and said someone had been lying to her. Important information about Toby's past/heritage is finally revealed in this book and I'm eager to read the next book and see how it affects her life and interactions with others.

I'm definitely going to be reading the next book, One Salt Sea