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Fated - Benedict Jacka One of my main concerns starting the book was that it not be a mirror of Jim Butcher's series. Happily, though the beginning is slightly reminiscent of Harry Dresden, Alex Verus quickly found his own voice.

Alex is an interesting character. Despite running a magic shop, Alex lives an isolated life. He's disgusted with the Light Mages, and consequently the council, who see to their own interests, but do nothing to protect apprentices and other vulnerable members of their society. Worse, there's talk of negotiating with the Dark Mages and allowing them to join the council. He's a diviner, but seeing into the future doesn't keep him from getting into trouble when a powerful artifact is found and an acquaintance becomes a target of three dark mages. Through the course of the book we learn more about his history and the scars left by his own apprenticeship.

Luna is also isolated. The book is told in first person, so we only see her through Alex's eyes, but what we did learn was fascinating. She's living under a luck curse, not one that brings bad luck on her. Instead, the curse diverts bad luck onto those she's closest to. People just crossing her path might be affected, touching her is dangerous and anyone living in the same house would soon have a potentially fatal accident. She tries to keep Alex at a distance for his own protection, but events keeping drawing them together and we get to see some of her vulnerabilities also.

I enjoyed reading Fated and will definitely read the second book, Cursed.