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Embrace the Night - Karen Chance 4.5 stars

Like the first two books, Embrace the Night takes off and never seems to slow down. The story picks up soon after the events in Claimed By Shadow. Cassie's adjusting to her new power, trying to learn it's limitations, and still remains a big target. The vampire Consul wants to force her to give into the geis and bond with Mircea before he's to insane to control. The Silver Circle mages want to kill her so the power will move to an acceptable (amenable & controllable) candidate. Black mages are still trying to hunt her down. And now it seems a demon lord has made her a target for unknown reasons. All that action, then throw in some time travel, and I still didn't lose track of what or when something was happening. Karen Chance took great care in plotting the story. The time jumps back to events in book 1 didn't create any noticeable plot holes or paradoxes, in fact it seemed to explain a couple of questions I had.

A problem I had in book two was addressed as well. Pritkin's suspicions about Cassie's worth as Pythia and her overall moral character make a lot more sense after we learn more about his history. I'm definitely looking forward to learning more about him.

Overall, a great story with enough humor threaded through it to provide a few light moments. I'll definitely be picking up book 4 soon. And, trying out her spin off series about Dorina Basarb.