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The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong Let's pretend a moment. It's almost summer and you're watching your favorite show. The climax builds and builds and suddenly TO BE CONTINUED flashes on a fade to black screen. What's going to happen next?!!? You can hardly stand to wait for the new season to start so you can find out all those answers.

Hmmm. Yeah. That's not this book.

The middle dragged instead of steadily building excitement toward the end. I even found myself doing something I never, ever do. I read ahead 10 pages, then 25, then 50 to see if the pace was going to pick back up. I did go back and read all the meh stuff; I just really wanted to know if it was worth continuing. Then, when it finished ... my first reaction was not "I have to read the next book, immediately!" Rather it was more along the line of "Really? I have to go through this all over again if I want to know what's really going on? Twice to finish the trilogy?" Note to authors: If you're going to write a cliffhanger, it better be preceded by by one spectacular story.

Maybe I'm being harsh. I seem to have a little smart aleck going on at the moment. But I'm disappointed with this book. I usually enjoy Armstrong's books. I just wish I'd skipped this particular one and spent the time rereading Elena & Clay's story instead. I seriously doubt I will be reading the other two books in the trilogy.