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Timeless  - Gail Carriger I'm sad and happy. Sad to see a series I enjoy come to a close, though Carriger is working on a spin-off series. But, I'm extremely happy to see it end gracefully, with all the humor and characterization I love so much still intact. I'm not naming names, but I can think of at least two author's who have let a series go on far past the point it should have ended. The characters have become stale and/or caricatures of themselves.

The book opens a few years after the close of Heartless; Alexia and Connall have settled into their lives with Lord Akeldama. I love the scenes with daughter Prudence, who appears to be as strong willed as Alexia and almost always manages to get her point across with two words: "No" and "Dama".

Carriger does a wonderful job of weaving various series events/elements (why Connall's left the Kinghair pack for the Woolsey pack, the God-Breaker Plague in Egypt, the Templars and OBO) together into one story, answering important questions and bringing everything to an entertaining, yet satisfactory, conclusion.

It appears that the next series, The Parasol Protectorate Abroad, may be about Prudence and I'm interested to see where that leads.