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Death's Rival  - Faith Hunter I thoroughly enjoyed this!

Even when I was upset for Jane at events that were happening, I was not upset with the author for writing them. Jane is beginning to face real consequences for her choice to work for the vampires, or Mithrans as they prefer to be called. She is held accountable for her response to certain events that took place in Raven Cursed. It isn't really her guilt to bear as her action was justifiable, but she shouldn't expect fairness from the Mithran's either.

The evolving relationship between Jane and Beast is fun to watch. Jane is growing toward a willingness to reveal her true self to others. Beast is also growing; she sees things at the base level, often revealing the true heart of a problem or situation. I loved her comment about vampires being like Boars and kits. Bad ones are like boars and need to be eliminated. Good ones are like kits and need to be protected by Jane.

I'm definitely looking forward to book 6, particularly to see how events at the end of Death's Rival carry into the next one. Major spoiler: It's going to be interesting to see how the bond between Leo and Beast affects things. Leo deserves whatever results he reaps from forcing the initial blood bond on Jane and reinforcing it through the healing. Beast's interference resulted in her being bonded to Leo instead, but who's really going to have the upper hand?