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Steel's Edge -  Ilona Andrews Ilona Andrews does a wonderful job creating characters that really come to life on the page. Charlotte's pain over her failed marriage is apparent, bringing her close to taking her healing abilities down a deadly path. She hope's that the limited magic in the The Edge will prevent that. Richard, Kaldar's brother, has strong reasons for fighting the slave trade. He realizes vengeance is an empty pursuit, but he's also willing to hunt down slavers in order to save his niece from pursuing her own revenge. After Charlotte heals Richard, events quickly force them back into The Weird, tracking down the head of the slavers.

Charlotte's struggle against the dark side of her magic continues, even as she uses her ability to help them hunt the bad guys. As they get closer and their relationship grows, Richard takes drastic measures to keep Charlotte from temptation. I wasn't really sure how Andrews would resolve this issue, but was completely satisfied with how the matter was addressed.

Brief appearances from Rose and Kaldar are nice, but it was really interesting to see how George, Jack and Sophia have changed over the last few years. There are also a few intriguing new characters, like Jason & Miko, I'm definitely hoping will appear again.

Overall a great book and I'm definitely going to continue reading this series.