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Midnight's Daughter - Karen Chance Set in the same universe as the Cassie Palmer series, Midnight's Daughter introduces a few new characters as well as revisiting some familiar ones. The fast paced action moved the story along quickly, without being as out of control frantic as the Palmer books can be.

Dorina is a strong, independent character with family problems. Her father Mircea has been absent for most of her life, despite his stated belief in strong family ties. Uncle Radu is a little odd and Uncle Dracula is a lot crazy, in a homicidal way. I enjoyed seeing Mircea through a different set of eyes and getting a new perspective. It was also interesting to see how Cassie's interference with the time line has affected Louis Cesare and the insights into his past were one of my favorite things in this book.

Overall a great read and I will definitely be continuing this series.