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Sweet Talk - Susan Mallery 3.5 stars

Claire reminds me of those innately shy people that come off as reserved and aloof. But then, you get to know them and you realize they're funny, smart and caring. I really liked her character in this book and liked her relationship with Wyatt, not loved, but liked. I could even understand Nicole though her behavior drove me crazy.

What drove me even crazier was their treatment of Jesse. Claire has been on the receiving end of Nicole's judgement and she still didn't listen to Jesse. The subtext on pg 186 tells me that Drew took advantage in some way. "I didn't know what to do. Drew was there and then he was touching me. I don't know. Maybe I deserved it." The first question out of my mouth would have been: "Did he force himself on you?" Instead Claire slots this in with Nicole's accusations and jumps to her own conclusions about what Jesse means by "deserves". We don't know exactly what happened because Jesse never says. But, from other various snippets, I'm thinking Nicole and Claire are wrong in their assumptions. Plus, if my math is right, Jesse is around 19 and Drew 25. Even if what they think happened did, with that age difference, I would still ask if she was pressured in any way before anything else.

One other thing that bothered me, the arrest. It was all a little quick, IMO. I'm thinking, proving intellectual ownership of the recipe, especially given that they are sisters, would take longer. Would the police have arrested Jesse that quickly without more proof? I personally don't know the law on this, it's just something that I thought about while reading.

Overall, this was a fun read and I will continue on to the next book.