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A Blood Seduction - Pamela Palmer Pamela Palmer created an interesting world controlled by vampires. Washington, V.C. is layered on top of D.C., but the barrier protecting them from the sunlit world is breaking down and only a sorcerer or sorceress can rebuild it.

When Quinn stumbles into VC, she's separated from her brother Zack. Quinn's determination to save her brother is what drives her throughout the book and gives her the strength to fight for her freedom. She's always struggled to hide her differences in our world, but her unique abilities could be the key to saving her in VC. She just has to learn to use them and know who to trust. Arturo is a vampire who feeds on fear and blood. He isn't really a good guy, but he has a vested interest in keeping Quinn alive. He's attracted to Quinn, in fact he really cares in his own way, but his main loyalty is to the vampires and saving VC. I'm really interested to see how things develop between these two in future books.

Overall a fun read and I'll definitely be looking for more in this series.