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Widow's Web - Jennifer Estep While I'm still wild about this series and really enjoyed this book, there were a few problems that were hard to overlook.

Gin's inner strength, determination to finish the job and inability to let an innocent suffer are just a few of the things that make her such a formidable foe. That's why her actions just didn't ring true for me. I don't believe she would hesitate for a minute to take out a psychotic killer, even if it did jeopardize a relationship she's fought hard to develop. Especially when that killer tortured a child many years ago.

Owen ... I can give Owen a little slack. He was wrong in neglecting to tell Gin that an old flame was coming back in town; it came pretty close to crossing the trust line. On the other hand, I can sort of forgive his initial blindness over Salina. She was his first love, Eva never told him the truth (even if he had to be love blind not to see something hinky in Salina's version of events) and the book took place over the course of a handful of days, so he actually came around a lot quicker than some people do in real life. But, his actions and reactions after the final battle were almost too much, not what I expected from the Owen of previous books.

Gin's built a close family out of the few people she's allowed into her life and I really enjoy her personal interactions with them when they appear in the book. I actually would have liked a little more of Finn, Brie and the others.

Overall the positive managed to outweigh the negative and I had trouble putting the book down. I'll definitely be reading book 8.