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Crystal Cove  - Lisa Kleypas This is a really hard one to rate. Despite major character flaws and an action that skated pretty close to unforgivable territory planning to steal/borrow her Grimoire before meeting Justine is one thing, going ahead with that plan after sleeping with and declaring love for her is another, I ended up liking Jason by the end of the book. Not loving, just liking. While I could relate more to Justine, some of her actions weren't really well thought out either. Would she really have ignored an experienced old-timer when he tells her a storm is coming? She scoffs at all his signs as superstitious nonsense, relying on her app. And she's supposed to be witch? The maiden's tears mistake was just ridiculous. No research at all? Really?

Overall, something just seemed to be missing and my feeling for the characters bled over into my feeling for the whole book. Not loving, just liking.