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Better Off Undead - D.D. Barant 4.5 stars

Since arriving on Thropirelem, her name for this alternate Earth, Jace has had to make quite a few adjustments. Not only do Lycanthropes, Vampires and Golems exist, but humans are a less than 1% minority. Karmic (comic) Books are outlawed spells that can set future events. And a time-warping sword can completely unravel a man's life, mentally change his key decisions and remake him into a cold-blooded killer, all while those around him still remember the man he was.

Jace has real hope that Tair can be altered back into her good friend, but events once again spiral out of control and she ends up infected with the Thrope virus. Not wanting to loose her humanity, she undergoes a risky procedure to let the Thrope and Pire viruses battle it out and hopefully cancel out each other. She may be experiencing new feelings & hyped up senses, but she still manages to remain on the job.

Events can sometimes get complicated & confusing for the reader as well as Jace, but with each book I get a clearer handle on the world and it takes me less time to orient myself and remember previous events. In Better of Undead, events moved as quickly as before, but I never felt lost and really enjoyed following along as Jace investigated the Mafia murders, tried to get Tair to accept the "cure" and fought to stay human.

A great read and I'm definitely going to continue with the series.