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Magic On The Hunt - Devon Monk Monk's universe and characters are unique. The idea of higher costs for working stronger magics, anything from a headache up to and including death, is very interesting. Allie has paid a high price in lost memories in her defense of innocents, but she continues to fight those who would offload that price onto innocents or misuse magic in other ways. Her relationship with Zayvion has grown stronger, while her friendships have been threatened due to all the secrets she must now keep. This book revealed some big twists and I'm eager to find out answers to a few questions. Has Allie's father really been closing her memories since age 5 in order to aid his possession of her? I don't think Daniel is a "good guy", but does he have some other purpose to sticking around other than trying to extend his life? ie If magic is fixed, will he let Allie go? What's in the box Allie retrieved from her father's safe? Maybe Daniel found some way to keep her memories safe until they can be retrieved at a later time? Only three more books until the series ends, I'll definitely be continuing.