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Lover Revealed - J.R. Ward After a 3 book prologue I was expecting a little bit more on the romance front. Instead of aching for Butch & Marissa as I did for Bella & Zsadist, I found myself wanting to Gibbs slap the pair of them multiple times. Between the poorly articulated feelings/intentions and the quick leap to conclusions, I'm surprised it didn't take another 3 books for these two to become a couple. Definitely more annoying than romantic.

What kept me glued to the page and reading to the very end was the plot twist or as I like to call it, What the heck is happening to Butch? Events at the beginning of the book introduced changes into Butch's life and I had to know what the resolution to this would be. It will be interesting to see how this plays into the bigger battle.

So Romance 3, plot 5 = overall rating of 4 stars. I'll definitely be reading the next book, V's story. And how long do I have to wait for Rhev's???